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TBC Bank and Geocell Business Award 2016

Business Bank Group’s Georgian team presents company’s cross border used cars financing solution BBG CREDIT at the TBC Bank and Geocell Business Award 2016 in Tbilisi Georgia.

TBC Bank and Geocell presents the most large-scale Business Award in Georgia. The aim of the award is promotion and support to development of small and medium Georgian business. General partner of the project is telecommunication company, Geocell. On one hand, the business award aims at motivating successful business for more achievements, while on the other hand it will be an inspiration to others for stimulus and inspiration to benefit from the variety of opportunities in the country for development of their business.

Companies operating in Georgia and having been registered before 2016 with the yearly turnover below GEL 10 million, can participate in the business award.  Winners will be revealed in the following nominations:  

Touristic business of the year;

Agro business of the year;

Georgian product of the year;

Innovative business of the year;

Marketing campaign of the year;

Small (growing) business of the year;

Business of the year.

In nomination “Touristic Business of the Year” any business can participate the basic customers of which are locals, as well as foreign tourists and having received special acknowledgment from them. During the evaluation the main focus will be given to the public feedback of customers, ratings by international rating companies, articles and other highlights in local and foreign media and social media. Popularity of their web pages and awards received on diferent competitions will also be highly considered.

In nomination “Agro Business of the Year” any business can participate with the basic occupation such as producing of agricultural products, their preserving, distributing or processing. It is important, that the goods are produced/processed mostly in Georgia. Priority will be given to companies, which produce goods in accordance with the international standards under the correspondence industry.  

In nomination “Georgian Product of the year” any business can participate presenting products made, implemented and developed in Georgia. Product may include material (food, toys, clothing, etc), as well as non material goods (video, web page, movie, etc).   During the evaluation exporting precedent will be given the special attention. It is important, if this export made by the nominant business was a one-time practice and what were the initiatives taken by the business for establishing on the new market, how was the market share increased on the target market and what is the export potential.

In nomination “Innovative Business of the year” those businesses can participate which created, implemented or developed such technological novelties or inventions, which have commercial potential, or stand for certain social contribution.  Technological innovation can be  a product, as well as a service or process. The technological innovation might not be a unique one in the world, but it can be innovative for Georgia or for the area, where it had been created, implemented or developed.

In nomination “Marketing Campaign of the Year” may be selected any business, that has held such marketing campaign that resulted in increased popularity of business/product/ service and boosted sales considerably.

In nomination “Small Business of the Year” may be selected any business, turnover of which does not exceed GEL 1.5 million; which gained success in business development and despite its small size managed to catch the customers attention.

The committee will also reveal the winner in nomination “Business of the Year”. Committee members will assess according to the following criteria: special achievements in business and interesting materials, stories depicting it, business that is lead by the young people that has potential for development internationally. The winner will become TBC business ambassador and will take part in various events.


Winner of “Marketing Campaign of the Year” will be revealed electronically within public voting. All the other nomination winners will be revealed by the jury comprised of competent experts. The winner of “Business of the Year” will be selected based on overall incoming applicants. All other nomination winners will be selected out of 3 nominated companies, portfolios of which will be presented to public via media and social media channels. 

Date: 2017-01-20