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Ambassador Fatimie meets with Mr. Latypov

Ambassador Sayed M. Amin Fatimie and Mr. Jason Pratt, Public Affairs Officer, met at the Embassy of Afghanistan in Tokyo with BBG CEO Mr. Evgeny Latypov, official representative to Japan of the WFF & WBBF.Mr. Latypov, has organized international peace promoting events via sports in Afghanistan in 2012, and now under the name of BBG continues actively consults athletes. Historic Timeline 2011 Ambassador Sayed M. Amin Fatimie has officially recognized Mr. Latypov's work in contributing to global recognition of Afghanistan economy and peace. 2012 Olympic Committee President General Mohammad Zahir Aghbar approved the festival series as an official, Olympic Committee recognized event. 2012 BBG CEO Mr. Latypov received award of honor from General Aghbar for “supporting peace and development through sport in Afghanistan”.

Date: 2017-01-20